About Me


Growing up, everyone dreams of their wedding day. Even more than you dream of your actual wedding though, you dream of the person you’ll be marrying that day. And that’s what inspires me! Each couple as one entity. Every couple has a different story, but everyone has one thing in common; they’re in love! And after falling in love myself, I love LOVE. I want you to look back at the photos of your wedding day and be able to relive the joy of starting your lives together. I personally know how stressful it can be to get in front of a camera. And that’s why I truly enjoy getting to know my cleints, so I can guarantee you won’t feel uncomfortable in any way on your wedding day. I’m very flexible and very open to any ideas you may have. I want to exceed your expectations, and give you a product that you will be proud to show off for the rest of your lives.

And one day, you and the love of your life may decide to take that next big step by deciding to be parents. Nothing gives me more joy than to be able to photograph new borns. To capture the essence of your child in his or her first few days. The purest example of how your love of each other has created one. For my husband and I, with our daughter, the first few hours were a rush. 4 weeks blew by like a good night’s sleep. The photographs we have of her in the first few days will forever bring us back to those sublime moments. Whether I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph your wedding or am just meeting you and your little one now, it is my truest pleasure to provide an everlasting glimpse to the most joyous time in your life.