About Me


I’ve always loved a good story. *cue Jurassic Park theme music here*  And since photographing my first wedding in 2009 and starting my business, I’ve been hooked on telling love stories. Getting to know my clients has always been a priority of mine, because I want to do everything I can to make you as comfortable as possible in front of the lens. It also allows me to document your wedding day in the most genuine way, as every couple has a different story and unique vibe to them. I like to laugh (a lot) – but the quiet moments inspire me just as much. I want to deliver a collection of photographs that will stand the test of time, and each time you look at them you’re brought right back to the feeling you had on the day you got married. I’m always there to help organize and direct certain parts of your day, but what it all comes down to is just you enjoying your day. Be goofy. Be vulnerable. Laugh. Cry. Chances are I’ll be laughing and crying right there with you, and I feel so incredibly lucky to do so. I know my marriage has been my greatest adventure, and I can’t wait to document yours.

And one day, you and the love of your life may decide to take that next big step by deciding to be parents. Nothing gives me more joy than to be able to photograph new borns. To capture the essence of your child in his or her first few days. The purest example of how your love of each other has created one. For my husband and I, with our daughter, the first few hours were a rush. 4 weeks blew by like a good night’s sleep. The photographs we have of her in the first few days will forever bring us back to those sublime moments. Whether I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph your wedding or am just meeting you and your family now, it is my truest pleasure to provide an everlasting glimpse to the most joyous time in your life.


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